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"Jim, your show was awesome!  My son was dying with laughter!"
--Jack Black

Jersey Jim shooting scene from Vince Vaughn movie 
"Couples Retreat"

Kristin Davis with Jersey Jim  at wrap party for
"Couples Retreat"
"Jim, you were great!"

Sold out 470 seats

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Floating in Mid Air!

Everyone Gets Into the Act


Sold-Out Crowd Enjoying a Belly Laugh!

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Jim & Mayor Villaraigosa 
team up at NBC Studios

Floating an Assistant

Drawing crowds at Universal City Walk

Making it snow in 
Los Angeles,
Ronald McDonald House

Families rolling in the aisles at a holiday gala

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Children rushing the stage with excitement

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Backstage at the Magic Castle

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Performing at Magic Castle

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Grand Reopening of LACMA